“We assist young talents in allowing their professional and personal aptitude to unfold and strengthen so that they can actively shape their future.” (Thomas Heyn, Chairman of the Board of Management)
In addition to financial aid, the Dr. Friedrich Jungheinrich Foundation offers a multifaceted range of seminars on various topics.



This seminar helps you to use common presentation techniques easily and effetively and to plan your presentions according to time limits. You will find out how to establish activating contact with your audience and you will assess the effect you have on your audience. You will also learn how to optimize you verbal and nonverbal expressions.



In this seminar, you will learn different methods and techniques to generate creative ideas and to use them in a professional setting. We work with different creativity methods and use contrete examples from your practice. We also work to identify different creativity blockers. It is our goal to make it possible for you to be creative and intuitive even under stress. You will also learn how to guide teams to work creatively.


In a international context professional success depends more and more on a flexible and sensitive interactions with people from different cultures. In this seminar you will learn about different culture specific ways of communication and bevavior. This way, you will receive lots of suggestions and hints on how to maximize your effectiveness in an international work context.



This seminar helps you to gain clarity over your own strengths and weaknesses, as well as building a solid base for personal and professional success. Our training promotes your ability to reflect on yourself and provides different exercises for this topic.


Mentoring is an integral component of the scholarship program. Our mentors stand by the side of recipients as contacts for the duration of their scholarship period. Centre stage is taken by direct experience sharing about points of entry, career planning, assistance in specialized matters and learning from one another.

Experience Reports from Our Scholars